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Road ID

I go out fishing alone quite a bit, and “alone” usually means really alone.  I get to fish during the week when most other people have to be at work (but…I work weekends, so it evens out), and that means the waters I visit are normally abandoned or close to it.  Either way, when I fish without a partner I am unquestionably leaving behind a lot of basic safety.  Being anywhere alone means you’re taking certain risks and, therefore, you have to take certain extra precautions.

One of my basic problems has been identification.  I usually carry my wallet, but that’s buried in my pants under my waders.  My phone has some emergency contact numbers, but that’s usually tucked away deep somewhere too.  My wife is a runner, and I stole a page from the runner’s book of safety–the Road ID.

Basically, it’s an engravable ID tag that has numerous options for attaching it to yourself.  But it provides a waterproof, tough and quick reference for who you are and who should be contacted in an emergency.  You can put other stuff on there too, like allergies or medical conditions.  Basically, its like a dog tag for people running, biking, hiking, or whatever else.   I know if I get hurt with or without a partner, I don’t want anyone to have to struggle to get my ID or contact information–time is life.

So, you’ll probably be seeing my Road ID in a lot of future photos.  You can order the various straps, bracelets, and things separately to have multiple options as you see fit.  I opted to get a wrist band, a shoe strap and a strap tha’ts designed for a dog collar (but mounts on a backpack strap really nicely).

Be safe and carry at least some form of waterproof and easily found emergency information.  If you want Road ID to do that for you, go HERE and get a little piece of mind…that’s a little cool too.

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    That’s a really good idea, and something I’ve considered, too. I’m a cyclist, which was my introduction to Road ID. Two months ago, I slipped in the Shenandoah Nat’l Park when I was there on my own. My tailbone is still sore, but fortunately, that’s all (other than ego) that was bruised. Thanks for helping put an end to my procrastination.

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