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My New Gloves…soon.

Most of you know that I prefer winter fishing, especially if it involves ice or snow.  Part of the reason is fewer people out on the water, but often times, I’ve found that the fishing is better than the rest of the year.  Whether fishing dries to a sparse hatch on a sunny day or drifting Sculpins through deep pools, winter fishing is my favorite fishing.  Except for the cold.  The cold starts to hurt after hours and hours, particularly in my fingers.  I can dress up every other part of my body and actually enjoy the cold weather (and I do), but my fingers take a beating, and nothing is more frustrating than taking 10 minutes to tie on new tippet.  I’ve tried a lot of gloves and had some success with a few, but I’m super excited about what Kast is offering this winter.

They’ve developed a fully waterproof glove that’s actually designed for fishing–not a re-marketed snow glove or ski wear.  From what I know about it, this glove is the end-all of winter fishing handwear.  I have yet to get my hands in some (my size doesn’t get released until December), but as soon as I do I’ll be reporting on what I really think of them.  I’ll put them through hell and let you know. You can read more about them HERE.


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