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You may or may not know who Nikola Tesla is or what he accomplished.  If you do, then I praise you for paying no attention in school to the lesser stories of Edison.  Both were incredible men and incredible inventors; Tesla, however, was the challenging underdog whose bite was worse than his bark.  The fact that you are reading this miles and miles away from a power station means that, in the end, that underdog won.

I am not Tesla, and I don’t compare myself to him directly or universally in any way.  He does offer an enticing and inspiring rhetoric, though: Let’s dream bigger and then achieve what lies just beyond that dream.

I am not an electrician, or even an engineer.  When I work on the wiring on my house, I don’t just shut off the whole electrical panel…I call the power company and have them shut the block off.  I like experimenting with less-than-lethal elements, things not associated with thunderstorms or Greek gods.

I am a fly fisherman, and I am one who wants to understand why I am set on fire by hackle, rods, fins, currents and bugs.  Even more, perhaps, I am set on fire to help–no, to make–other people understand.  There are two groups who really desperately want to make other people “see what they understand” and “understand what they see.”  You are either an evangelist trying to un-crazy others, or a psychotic trying to un-crazy yourself.  I am, it seems, the marriage of the two.

The fact remains–as the caption notes–when you look in the mirror and see a man  “holding in his hands balls of flame,” it is impossible to resist the urge to shout to at least one person, “These are balls of FLAME!!”  My balls are pure fly fishing fire.  I said it.

So, in the coming weeks or months, I am going to roll my fiery balls around…and see what happens.  I have ideas.  I have a vision.  Like Tesla, though, the current substance of my vision is first the substance of ethereal dreams and second the surprising offspring of their siblings.  I cannot see the actual thing, but I can see that which will eventually produce it.

I see…ink.

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  1. Posted November 9, 2011 at 12:36 pm | #

    If I were to be honest, I would classify myself as a psychotic (in your sense..as it relates to fly fishing)

    Just keep pushing…good things ahead!

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