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For at least as long, if not longer, as we’ve had ballpoint pens and certainly longer than we’ve had keyboard keys, the written word flowed from the tip of a feather.  Anyone can wax romantic on how the written word has more presence than a digital one, or argue against that and probably be right.  The point is, though, I sometimes enjoy challenging the norm.  Well, I always enjoy it; sometimes I do it just to do it.  This isn’t one of those times.  …is it?  I don’t think so.

I’m leaping headlong into a project that will take away time from this blog, from Facebook, from Google+ and even a little from fishing.  As I’ve dwelt in the blogosphere and enjoyed all the impromptu authors that I’ve found there, I’ve made one observation over and over again. There are legends among us.  The world of writing about fishing, and especially fly fishing, is changing; words are on the move and subtle shifts of flavor and hues are shaping it with every story and post.

So this is it, this is the reveal of my twisted plan to see fly fishing writing grow from the awkward–but curiously attractive–teenager it is into whatever it will be next.  I want to see the authors of blogs and not-blogs in ink, experimental ink that pushes the boundaries of what we know fishing-writing to be.  Some of the bloggers I read now are already doing that explicitly, and I love it. Regardless of how you see yourself, whether or not you have a blog, whether or not whatever–this is a call for papers.

It may fail, but I’m deadset on starting and publishing a physical, ink and paper journal of fly fishing writing. Writing which can cover any number of topics in any number of ways, but writing which all pushes the limits a bit and feels a bit uneasy…for now.  Pithy, edgy, candid, beautiful, inspiring–all the things we know our writing to be as a group, but now just slightly off the edge of the gameboard.

I need at least 15 pieces. More would be great; if I get too many for the first print, I’ll ask permission to hold it over for the next printing.  That’s what I need from you all.  I still have a lot of work to do and figuring out to do, like cost, distribution, etc.  Don’t let me hold you back, though. Just realize if you send me something tonight, it won’t be on shelves tomorrow.

Feathers and ink have always gone together, it’s a fun coincidence about this project.  Now…go.

Questions, submissions, and rantings can all be sent to my email address for this blog: theripariancorridorblog@gmail.com


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