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As my little project is developing further, details about what it possibly could look like or be develop along with it.  The most basic need is material, and I certainly do not want to write it all myself.  For one, I don’t have time; two, that’d be incredibly boring.  Here are some thoughts about the submissions I need from YOU.

1. It’s a fly-fishing journal.  I don’t have anything against other types of fishing, but this is a fly-fishing journal.  You can write about whatever you want, so long as it somehow relates to fly-fishing.  Any species.  Any place.  Any thoughts.  Any water. Fly-fishing is the rule.

2. The length of your essay can be as long or short as you think it needs to be.

3. If you don’t want to or have time to write a brand-new piece, just edit something you already have (see #4).

4. The real point of this is to experiment with writing about fly-fishing.  Whether you write-new or edit, whatever you do–push the limits of what’s expected writing to be and push your own limits.  Be creative, experiment, and get yourself–and writing–out of the box.

5. Why am I not doing this in the digi-sphere? Because I can, and because no one else really is.  There are magazines and books, but few to no journals.  And…because I can.

6. If you think you aren’t a “good enough” writer, remember that you make up the group of people who define what fly-fishing writing is.  In effect, you yourself define what is good simply by writing.  Take off your shy mask and be a part of this.

7.What about photos?  I can probably work them in, but they’ll be sparse and B&W.  Do me a favor and edit them or choose them knowing that they’ll be printed in gray scale.  Experiment with that, too.

8. I need material. Pick something off your blog and edit it; write something new if you don’t have a blog; do a combination of the two either way, if that suits you.  Just get me your words.

9. I’d like to have something in print and distributed for test by Christmas.  That means I have to compile, act as general editor, get money together, have them printed and bound, and get them actually distributed.  I need stuff yesterday, folks.

If you have questions, ideas, or whatever else–email me. 

Email me your essays with any notes on formatting, etc. in some normal file format (.doc, .odt, .txt, etc.).



  1. Posted November 14, 2011 at 2:29 pm | #

    #6, damn you nailed me.
    I’ll see what I can work up.
    This is going to be FUN!

    • Posted November 14, 2011 at 4:18 pm | #

      Get on it brutha’. Yes…it will be. If I can’t fish, I might as well do something unproductive.

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