Welcome to the blog. I realize that there are a lot of other blogs, newer ones and older.  There are better blogs–I read most of them.  This blog, though, is a way for you to come along with me to every amazing, ordinary and in-between place I do.

My name is Will; I live in the dead center of America.  Being geographically-centered, I have access to a lot of different places within a day or so.  I’m still exploring them.  Up to this point I’ve tried to be a relatively proper person.  I went to school, too much school really and ended up getting a degree in Archaeology.  I did a few seasons of work; those ended my first year of graduate school when I decided I wanted to get a higher degree studying lexicography.  …dictionary writing. In Semitics.  Well, all that is what it is (or was), and now I’m here.  I’m back fishing again, and I’m back to living again.

I have a small family that puts up with my misadventures both in- and outside.  I met my wife during graduate school and she has taught this Yankee some Southern grace.  She and I were delighted to have our first child–a boy–born in early July, 2011.  As we wrestle through adapting to that, I’m wrestling to adapt a bum’s heart to a responsible’s life.

My rods, though, have yet to collect dust.