Credit to the United States Military for pioneering the “Mountain Hardwear” brand in the 1980’s, I am sure that all military outfitter tents are ahead of their commercial counterparts. Hardwearing, durable tents have been the standard for military operations since.

As for civilian use, a variety of causes including, but not limited to, weather, Mother Nature and even local politics have kept the survival community and particularly the “Survival Guy” community of recent times busy envisioning and developing alternative shelter fabrics.

soaked through and ruined tent fabric that has been driven into the ground (whether in a tent or on the ground beneath a tent)

Proprietary Sleeping Bag Fabrics

The Difference Betweenennekona and Durasteel

First of all, as mentioned above, is that different military tents are built to accommodate a diverse range of climates. Mountain Equipment Dreamcatcher, named after the Military term meaning “skunk”, is one of the most critical pieces of equipment for the outdoorsman. It is a mummy shaped sleeping bag with a contoured hood to perfectly fit the head.

The next step is to determine whether the skunk canvas will be down or up. On original military think of it as a heat trapping pile that absorbs the heat from the contents below it. The format of the bag is that of a standard “M” with a DON button in the bottom. You can’t squeeze the bag inside a military rucksack because of the design. bags are still available in the commercial market with many different fillings but the most popular is down. In fact, the down vs. synthetic bag debate has been ongoing for so long that it has spawned several books and documentaries on the topic.

In the absence of a doubt, synthetic bag manufacturers have had an influence on outdoor culture. But if you’re going to be sticking your hand in the air for long periods, you certainly want to minimize the amount of it that you need to stuff in your sleeping bag. Down is a natural choice because it is as light as can be and as comfortable as can be.

Conventional Bag Or Mummy Bag?

But there are people who prefer the conforming warmth of a conventional bag, and mummy bags in particular. If you are closer to the ground, the warmth of a mummy bag with close to the ground temperature may be preferred. These types of bags are also commonly used in the military for cold weather conditions. Despite the commonality of the format, there are several points of difference.

It is important to make sure that the mummy bag has a hood that completely covers the head. A suitable hood should fit snugly over the head and prevent the air from escaping. A close cousin to the mummy bag is the “parachute cord” bag, which is a sealed bag that is encased in plastic. The insulation in this bag is also constructed out of plastic with a grid of triangles that helps the insulation last longer.

The advantages of a down filled bag over synthetic ones are the weight and compressibility of the down. Both down and synthetic bags can be easily compressed into a small space and carried using a stuff sack orippin. In addition, when storing these bags, they fit snugly in a pack. Most of these bags have a thin liner to allow them to be stored without getting bitten by the off balance of the bag.

Down Or Synthetic?

As a matter of personal preference, I lean more towards down sleeping bags. Approximately, two weeks ago, I switched from my old sleeping bag with synthetic filling to a new bag made with Exterair technology. I have had it for about 4 years now, and couldn’t be happier with the decision.

The same goes for Patagonia as well. I started out with a lightweight down bag and I have never looked back. For me, weight and compactness of the bag was critical and I was happy to see that all of their bags are now down filled. Unlike my old bag, the new down filled bags stayed lighter.

Synthetic bags as a sleeping bag Outsideizuet X-Type +30F ½ORD rig for $cientolind Since I was out in the cold most of the time and had to replace the bag fairly often, I preferred a synthetic fill bag.

In closing, there are many choices with regards to the style and technology of sleeping bags. I did try a couple of things out and came out pretty close to what I am now using. However, having spent a large amount of money on a high quality mummy bag, I figured that this was probably the best option available.

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